It’s the new compound on the block. A non-natural THC compound that had a pep talk with acetic anhydride. And it packs a punch. 

What is it?

It’s science! If you take Delta-8 and mess it up a bit, a certified chemist can create THC-O. Why bother? Because it will get you nearly three times higher than Delta-9.  It is still considered an analog to THC. But again, it is definitely stronger, and if not used correctly it could cause psychedelic or hallucinogenic effects. 

How do you take THC-O?

Short answer: slowly. Long answer for those over analyzers: THC-O-acetate is labeled as a prodrug. That means THC-O effects can only be felt once your body fully metabolizes the product, which usually takes about 20-60 minutes.  And that’s why we highly recommend starting slow because it is so strong. Take a small amount and wait an hour to see how you feel. Then, if you want a higher buzz, retake a small amount. This is to avoid those hallucinations we were talking about… so you don’t feel like monkeys are controlling the internet and the only way out of Pandora’s box is to rip up your neighbor’s flower beds and find the power source. Let’s avoid that. Because we talked with your neighbors, and they are totally not cool with you doing that again. 

Why take it:

Because you’re stressed. Or maybe you need some help with your anxiety. Or maybe you’re nauseous all the time because your coworker won’t stop wearing cheap perfume, and it’s suffocating you, one workday at a time. It also helps stimulate your appetite. Hmm, imagine that. Whatever your reason is up to you. But kindly take the advice to consume it slowly, because it is intense. 

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