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Each meticulously curated cannabinoid may offer different benefits and results. Find the experience you are looking for by clicking on the category below. 

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Our cannabinoids offer relief and enjoyment. Our store staff is educated and experienced with the intended unique effect of each item. 


The finest ingredients are used for the best products on the market. Trust the chemists and experts to deliver high-quality products, every time. 


Our products are tested every time they are created. Meaning a consistent outcome when you take them, and no surprises on the level of potency. 


The largest selection in town of cannabinoids legally allowed on the market. From premium pre-rolls to tinctures for canines, we’ve got you covered. 

We are changing the way people perceive cannabis.

It's About the Customer Experience

At Avni Farms Dispensary we are involved in every step of the process of creating top quality cannabis products.  From the earth, to the lab, to the store, creating farm to table products.  Because we’re involved in the industry in multiple capacities, you can count on our “highly experienced” staff to really know their stuff.  For us, the customer experience always starts with us getting to know you and your experience with cannabis so far.  Are you looking for relief from an injury or anxiety? Wanna party or turn a night on the couch after work into a real good time? We always do our best to match customers with the experience they’re hoping to have.
Also, at Avni Farms you can count on the most consistent product quality throughout the store.  In particular, our edibles are some of the most consistent potency available.  This is because we are one of the few manufacturers who meets GMP standards.  Along with that, we send our products to DEA licensed labs to assure we are within the law and consistent throughout each dose.  This creates a more predictable experience for customers who’ve tried our products.
Good Times Ahead

All of these products can be purchased at our store in downtown Savannah, Georgia. Come see for yourself how Cannabis can change your life. 

Just So You Know

Here's Our Disclaimer

We make incredible products for you to choose from and enjoy. However, these statements made have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our website is not offering medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or fix any kind of disease. Yup, even that weird thing your Aunt Margie has. Our products are intended for humans over 21 years of age and older, whether you consider that to be an adult is up to you. You should read the labels on the products, and take them as directed. Because we have tried them all, and when we say take it slowly, dude, it’s because we learned the lesson for you. So read the labels for better results. Talk to your doctor before using our products if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications. All of our products are legit. Meaning, the US Farm Bill Act of 2018 says 0.3% or less of any THC or CBD product can be sold and distributed. All of our products are tested for accuracy, potency, and quality assurance. Avni Farms Dispensary and its affiliate companies assume no responsibility for any legal changes to state and local laws. Avni Farms Dispensary and its affiliate companies assume no responsibility for legal charges a customer may incur. That includes your jail time for riding the lion statues in Chippewa Square. Own your shit. So here we are, absolute zero percent liability to you, but 100% dedicated to being your local purveyor of farm-to-table good times. Enjoy!